Cartier Panthere 18K Yellow Gold 6 Motif Long Strand Necklace

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The panther is a sleek, majestic and powerful beast and it is no surprise that in French, the noun panther has a feminine gender. There is something undoubtedly seductive and dangerous in how this big cat gracefully slinks through the jungle, yet at a moment#s notice can turn into a ferocious and deadly creature. Perhaps an apt metaphor for women, Cartier has adopted the regal panther as a symbol.
Presented here is a rare find: long strand 6 motif Running Panthere chain necklace. Excellent condition, timeless design with vintage, more masculine-looking Panthere charms.

Measurements: Length 36 in.
Metal Type: 18K Yellow Gold
Metal Weight: 114.3 gr.
Signed: Cartier
Condition: Excellent.
Stock: RR6066