Oscar Heyman Platinum Blue Oval Sapphire & Baguette Diamond Ring

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Beautiful sapphire and diamond ring by Oscar Heyman.
Oscar Heyman creates jewelry that is as timeless as the very gemstones it holds.
The highest degree of craftsmanship is applied to each process that brings a piece to life.
Oscar Heyman applies an old-world approach to the transformation of a two-dimensional gouache design into a finished piece of jewelry. From stone selection to the final polish, every detail is completed with the greatest attention and care.
Center Oval Sapphire: 9mm 2.00cts
Diamonds: 15 Straight Cut Baguettes 1.50cts approx.
Material: Platinum

Center Diamond Weight: 4.50
Measurements: 6.5 US
Metal Type: Platinum
Metal Weight: 6.5 gr.
Signed: Oscar Heyman
Condition: Excellent.
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