5 Ways to Spot a Real Cartier

Since 1847 Cartier has been pushing boundaries and astounding the world of fashion with their uniquely exquisite jewelry. Historically Cartier has been the jewelry of the Kings, of royalty, the elitist of the elite, and today there is no change with the likes of Meghan Markle sporting Cartier watches. But along with the developments in fashion, there have been great advancements in the world of counterfeit luxury jewelry, otherwise known as fakes. So if you are looking at buying a vintage piece of Cartier it is important to be able to spot the difference between a genuine and a try hard.

1. Check that Autograph

Check that signature. Fakes often have crooked signatures, they won’t be perfectly aligned and it is a sure sign that you are dealing with a counterfeit. Cartier’s signature is always perfectly straight. Another useful tip is to check the connection between the ‘i’ and the ‘e’ in the name Cartier because a fake will often have too thick of a font, which means the perfect connection between these two letters gets lost.

2. Serial Numbers Are There For A Reason

The answer can often be found in the serial numbers. Whether that is because in a fake you will find a missing number, the numbers in the wrong order, uneven spacing or just unusual spacing. Make sure you check the serial number well. Each piece of genuine Cartier jewelry has a unique serial number, the format has developed over the years but you will find the serial number in one of these sequences:

5 digits and one letter (12345 A), 2 letters and 4 digits (AA 1234), 3 letters and 3 digits (ABC 123)

3. Weigh It Up

The most common way to spot a counterfeit piece of jewelry is the weight. Frequently you will find that the manufacturer will use a cheaper metal, which will not have the same weight as a genuine Cartier. Cartier only uses 18 karat gold or platinum in their pieces. However, the more advanced the counterfeits become, the weight may be mimicked so it cannot be the only thing that you look for.

4. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

It’s not just the twinkle that makes a diamond stand out, it is also the way it is set into the metal. Cartier has the experience and craftsmanship to set a diamond so seamlessly it looks like it is floating.  Although not every piece may be hand crafted as they were originally it is a far stretch from any counterfeit job. A fake piece with diamonds will look slightly metallic, the diamonds often unsymmetrical and the workmanship simply sloppy.

5. Know Your Stuff

It is easy to mistake the Cartier signature for a fake on older pieces if you do not know your history. Cartier have been changing their signature over the decades, since the 60’s to the present day there have been distinct adjustments to the signature. So before dismissing something as a fake, make sure you consult someone who knows the evolution of Cartier.

Cartier’s jewelry is timeless and whether you choose to buy a beautiful vintage piece from a few years ago or a few decades ago, the important thing is that you get what you pay for. That’s why we are here to help you. We know how to spot a fake a mile off!

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