Authenticity Guarantee Policy

At The Back Vault, we prioritize trust and authenticity in every online purchase. Our unwavering dedication to excellence compels us to maintain the highest marketplace standards, guaranteeing the genuineness and accurate representation of every item in our collection. With a meticulous in-house team of experts carefully vetting our inventory, we ensure that each purchase instills confidence in our customers.

We take the authenticity of our products seriously, going the extra mile by collaborating directly with the product's label for secondary opinions or appraisals when necessary to further validate their authenticity.

To provide you with added peace of mind, we are committed to addressing any concerns you may have within one year of your purchase. In the rare event that you discover an item from The Back Vault to be inauthentic, subject to the terms outlined below, our Authenticity Guarantee will reimburse you for the purchase price and related shipping costs. This guarantee underscores our steadfast commitment to delivering a reliable shopping experience and ensuring your complete satisfaction.