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    Jean Vitau was a French jeweler who came to New York about 40 years ago, and it was the right thing he did. Bringing very little with him little did he know that he is about to do so much for the jewelry business and jewelry-making. What he brought with him were just the three rings that were his own innovative design with never before seen bar-style setting.  Later he trademarked the design and it became known as a Gemlok setting. Later becoming a major sub-contractor to Tiffany & Co. his rings were its number one selling wedding rings for many years. The diamond setting design does not use prongs as a way to keep the gems in place, but rather bars, which keep the stones very securely and prevent catching and snagging on clothing. Revolutionizing the bridal ring market and becoming the cornerstone of the jewelry business he established under the name of Gemveto. The company ultimately expanded to include custom bands in all widths with stones.

    Vitau was also known for classic and elegant jewelry from platinum and 18k gold, which was under his name, Jean Vitau Collection. His favorite was the jewelry that was inspired by nature: animals, fun birds, colorful insects, blooming flowers.