How To Pick An Eternity Band 101: The Essential Guide

Traditionally an eternity ring is worn on the left hand, alongside a wedding ring and engagement ring. It was originally an unbroken circle of small diamonds and gifted after 10 years of marriage. This basic premise has evolved somewhat over the years and is no longer so strictly defined. Here is a quick guide to everything you need to know before purchasing an eternity ring. 
  1. Is Eternity Band and Anniversary Band the same thing?

In short the answer is No. However, an eternity can be an anniversary and the other way around. When jewelers speak their language, "eternity" is any ring that has diamonds set in one line going full circle around, whereas "anniversary" is any ring with significant carat weight in diamonds often presented as a 5-stone or a 7-stone ring. If you are seeking a ring with diamonds (or other gems) going full circle around the finger call it "Eternity Band".

  1. Why Eternity Bands became so popular?

The trend started in the mid 2000's in larger cities like New York, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, etc. when brides often came into a jewelry shop wanting more than just a plain wedding band. Normally, it would be a classic shared prong round cut band with 2 to 3 pointers going all the way around. But as the trend continued to grow so did the designs and options. The popularity went viral with the invention of Instagram, celebs sharing their massive "eternities", brides and wedding accounts promoting various fancy cuts, and jewelers all over the world showcasing endless possibilities of making a beautiful Eternity.  

  1. What is the difference between full Eternity and Half Eternity Band?

Essentially Half Eternity is a ring that has gems or diamonds going half way around, usually of a significant carat size.

emerald cut eternity band half eternity emerald cut diamond band

  1. Can I have an Eternity Band as my Wedding Band?

Yes, you can. In fact, you can have both! A classic wedding band for a ceremony and your daily out and about, and a beautiful eternity band for your nights out with the hubby or luncheons with your besties. Very often, eternity bands are used to wear when traveling, while you leave the engagement ring safe at home. An eternity ring is a beautiful way to showcase that you are married and have an impeccable style. 


  1. What Eternity Band looks the best?

When purchasing an eternity band you have to think about your lifestyle and your daily routine. No jeweler in the world can tell you what looks best on your finger, with your wardrobe and your other jewelry. Think about your engagement ring, your finger length, and the sparkle you are trying to achieve. Also keep in mind your availability to have a quick run to the jeweler to have your ring shined, steamed, and tightened, in case it needs it. Remember, an average eternity band (nowadays!) features diamonds that are about 15 to 30 points each. That's about 20 to 25 significant diamonds in one ring that you want to keep an eye on and have them checked every 6 months. 

what eternity ring will look best on me

  1. Which Eternity Band shapes are popular now?

Truth be told, round diamond eternities are always in style. However, the latest trend is certainly Oval Cut and Radiant Cut eternity bands. These eternity bands require special custom layouts: precision in stone cuts and diamond quality is everything when it comes to Oval and Radiant eternity bands. 

Radiant cut eternity bandoval cut eternity band

  1. Are there different styles of settings for the Eternity Band?

Yes, there are at least 4 main setting styles for mounting diamonds in an eternity band: 

  • Shared prong with air-line
  • Shared prong with no air-line (sits close to the finger) 
  • U-Shape share prong setting 
  • Channel setting  

There are a few other renditions of mountings, but for the most part, setting styles above are the most common. And, don't forget to ask your jeweler about the type of prongs he can apply as a finish: bead, ball, or eagle claw prongs.


shared prong with air line round cut eternity bandshared prong no air line eternity band

U-shape alternating eternity band channel set emerald cut band

  1. Can I wear a few Eternity Bands at the same time?

Of course! One eternity band for every occasion in your life. Birth of a child, graduation, birthday, you name it! Also, your eternity bands don't have to be big. Be creative! Think about color stones as an eternity band, alternating eternity with sapphires/rubies and diamonds, or alternate the shapes. You can mix metals, too. Have one in white gold, one in rose gold, and one in yellow. Your imagination is the only limit here!

 sapphire eternity band stacked with round bezel set diamond eternity band and a pear cut engagement ringtwo different three stone engagement rings with two eternity bandslarge emerald cut diamond engagement ring next to three eternity bands

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