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    Pietro DiBenedetto began his career in the jewelry industry more than 35 years ago. Being originally trained in the aeronautical engineering field and having worked for a subsidiary of Grumman aircraft, he was always involved with the cutting edge of mechanical technologies and materials. His passion for the arts and craft lead him to pursue a different path in the jewelry industry. In 1984 he founded his own atelier, Tanagro, on the strength and determination of the idea to create a unique combination of classic artistry and engineering which is the companies hallmark. Pietro’s unconventional background influenced the atelier’s direction and thought process: a new way to work and approach ideas in an ancient art form. In 1998 Antonio DiBenedetto joined the company and set out to build a branded identity, creating a proprietary line that upholds the highest standards of quality and draws on the superlative craftsmanship that Tanagro is recognized for within the jewelry industry.