How Hollywood Got Cape Diamonds All Wrong

What is a Cape Diamond?

Cape Diamonds is a term used mostly by jewelers and diamond dealers to refer to diamonds which are darker (yellower) than M color. The term Cape was originally used to refer to diamonds cut from rough that originated from Cape Town, South Africa.

Center stone: Cape Diamond, 5.90ct O-color

Today the term is commonly used for any diamond whose body color is yellowish. Many consumers throughout the world like the look and warmth of these diamonds, especially in Old Cut diamonds like Old Mine Cuts, and Old European Cuts. In fact consumers in the Far East tend to appreciate diamonds in these warmer colors, provided they have better clarities. They would rather buy a Cape diamond that has a high clarity, than buy a colorless diamond with carbon spots. Interesting as it may seem, here in the States the American public looks for just the opposite, preferring color to clarity.
Emerald cut diamond engagement ring
Center stone: Cape Diamond, 8.02ct QR-color, VS1 clarity

Diamonds that are at the top end of the yellow-color spectrum like N or O color are usually referred to as Silver Cape or Top Silver. This term may have originated because of the silvery look they take on when light reflects off them, while they are still loose.

cape diamond engagement rings

But, regardless of where Cape diamonds are sold or what they are called, believe it or not, they still represent the majority of the diamonds that are mined in the world.

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