5 Best Ways To Wear A Brooch

Brooches and pins experienced a strong come back in 2019 and 2020 bringing a touch of vintage and sophistication to almost every ensemble. Both men and women appeared wearing brooches in Hollywood and Canes, embellishing almost all thinkable and unthinkable garment parts.

There is no set rule on how to wear a brooch, nevertheless when styled right it will add a magic touch and make you stand out even amongst the most fashionable crowd.

1. On Tops And Blazers

Traditionally brooches and pins are worn on the left side of a blazer at about the height of a breast pocket.


Left side placement of the accessory leaves the right side open in case you need to place a name tag. When shaking hands with the other person it makes it easier for them to read your name when it's on the right-hand side.

Besides the left side of a blazer or a shirt, brooches look attractive when placed at the center of a buttoned-up blouse collar.

how to wear a brooch

You can also incorporate a pin or a smaller size brooch to the lapel of the collar.

brooch on lapel of the blazer

To take it a step further look into purchasing a pair of matching pins to place them symmetrically on the lapels of the shirt or a jacket.

2. On Scarfs And Shawls

Place a brooch on a colorful shawl or a scarf. Securing a pin to one of your shoulders and allowing the fabric to drape is one of the most traditional ways to show off a classic jewel.

Gucci fashion style 2011

3. On Hats & Berets

Wearing a beret or a stylish hat is a sign of classy fashion as is, clipping a diamond or a vintage brooch to it raises classy to posh!  

diamond brooch on a beret

4. On the Waistline, Sashes & Belts.

Easily update your look when attaching a vintage brooch to your belt or sash of your favorite dress. Attach a brooch to your wedding dress or gown and outshine everyone in the room.

where to pin your brooch vintage brooch styling

5. In Your Hair

A brooch can become an eye-catching accessory when worn in your hair. Turn a forgotten vintage pin into an amazing hair clip. 

diamond pin in hair-do

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