Why Mom Was Right About The Diamond Cut

Is It True That Cut Is Everything When It Comes To Sparkle?

The Sparkle or Brilliance of a diamond is directly linked to how a diamond is cut. Many consumers are misinformed and think that the brilliance of a diamond comes from how white it is, or how clear. This simply is not true. An imperfect diamond that is cut correctly can have much more brilliance and sparkle than a poorly cut diamond of much higher color and clarity. 

cut vs color in a diamond

The Cut of the diamond not only determines its sparkle and brilliance, it also determines its personality. However, from the diamond cutter’s perspective, generally speaking, profit determines the final cut of the diamond. What we mean by that is, in most cases the way diamonds are cut are determined more by profit, than by beauty. Although Cut is part of the equation, the diamond cutter will cut the diamond to yield the highest total price, sacrificing the Cut of the stone when necessary. It is up to us as consumers and lovers of diamonds to pick the ones that appeal to our senses, taste, and budget.  

The biggest diamond may not always be the prettiest!

Jennifer not happy about her huge diamond ring

That said, today there are many consumers that will pay a premium for diamonds with an excellent or very good cut, and therefore Cut actually can influence how the diamond is cut. Today the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in addition to grading diamonds for color and clarity, measures each diamond with very sophisticated optical readers and lists these measurements on every diamond grading report. Some of these measurements however can be misleading or difficult to understand and should be discussed with a diamond/jewelry advisor that you feel comfortable with, to help you interpret just what they all mean. I don’t know about you, but when I get sick, I don’t read a medical journal. I go to my doctor.


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