2 carat Pear Shape Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

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This Pear Shape Natural Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond is flanked by 2 colorless side pear shape diamonds. This ring is something different. Yellower than a Fancy Yellow its intense color vibrates with brilliance. If you're looking for a natural Fancy Yellow diamond, this is one your friends won't have.

Center diamond is GIA certified and can be sized to most finger sizes. Currently size 6.5.

Center Diamond Weight: 2.50 Carat 
Condition: Excellent.
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The color scale of a natural colorless diamond is graded from D - Z. However, close to where the colorless scale ends, the fancy color diamond scale begins. In fact, "Cape diamonds", which are stones that fall within the X- Y– Z range of the colorless scale, contain quite noticeable traces of yellow or brown color tones. This is actually the beginning of the Fancy Yellow Diamond and Fancy Brown diamond color scale.

Fancy yellow diamonds are graded according to the hue of yellow color within the stones. In general, diamonds at the top of the scale contain the weakest tone of yellow and are known as Light Yellow Diamonds. These stones are dominantly yellow but with almost equal traces of white throughout the stones. At the other end of the scale, stones that contain the strongest tones of yellow are known as Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds. Vivid yellow diamonds have no white traces and, depending on the color saturation and distribution, contain an extremely yellow color throughout.